Merchant House (inspired by Arborwatch in Oblivion)

This house was built for The Medieval Charter Challenge(MCC) by vllygrl . There are two versions, one more sparsely decorated to be in accordance with the rules for MCC and one slightly more decorated in case you don’t play the MCC and want a more “finished” house. I was built it a newly generated game that has never had any playable sims and with all expansion packs up to AL. It was loaded in another newly generated game without any other CC to check that everything was included in the package.

 The more decorated version

The MCC version

This house was built in a newly generated game that has never had any playable sims. 
According to the MCC challenge there should be a foundation and two levels with three rooms at each level. There is, however, no foundation and three levels instead of two in this house. But the price is approximately correct (should be 35 000) and so is the lot size, the total number of rooms and the furnishing. The top floor has not been furnished in the MCC version but once your merchants have enough money they could for example use this space for a servant.

Lot size: 30x20
Lot price MCC version:  35 676
Lot price for the more decorated version: 41 818

 Top floor MCC version
3rd floor in the more decorated version

2nd floor MCC

1st floor MCC


  Notes about the custom content
You need to keep the sofa from the Medieval Wood set by Raynuss in your game for the other Medieval Wood set objects to show correctly. Almighty Hat's grey stone recolor of the BB Nooks and Niches set didn't pack with the lot so I included it separately. Also the medieval bedding from Raynuss Medieval Wood set were not packed with the lot and are included separately. I have also included master files in the package that are not used in the lots. The BB niche 1 Master is required for the stairs to show their grey stone recolor. The cottage bay double window by Lady Lama is needed in your downloads folder or else the windows with flash blue. Chimney 1 (master mesh) is needed to keep the chimney from flashing blue. 

Download the more decorated merchant house

Download the MCC version of the merchant house


Countryside Gentry

This is a copy of a lot that I have used for a Gentry family in my own game. I rebuilt the lot in an anygame according to the rules for the Medieval Charter Challenge 3.0.
I would like to thank all creators who’s CC I have used, and Vllygrl for creating the MCC challenge.
According to the rules for a Gentry house in the MCC there should be 4 rooms downstairs, 4 upstairs and two privies. One of the privies in this lot is a chamber pot and a bathtub behind a screen in the master bedroom. I have used the moveobjects cheat to place animated fire by Wiccandove in the fireplaces. If you want real fire you can remove the light objects and use Sunni's invisible fireplace (you will need the moveobjects cheat).

I have not used any custom terrain paint to avoid flashing blue terrain and all CC that are needed should be included in the package (it was tested in an anygame without CC). There is not enough space to place a driveway because I didn’t realize that until the house had been built and I don’t use cars (horses) very often for my sims.

Type of lot: Residential
Ingame cost: 70 069
Size of lot: 30 x 40
Expansions packs needed: The lot was built in an anygame with all expansions packs upp to AL installed, no stuff packs
Preplayed; No, the pictures with sims are taken from a clone of the packaged lot.

Frontview (the recolor of the mailbox is the only CC on the pictures that is not included)



1st floor

2nd floor

Dining room (Great hall)


Living room




   Old Stone Castle

 This is a traditional medieval stone castle built for defense. It comes in two versions, one with minimal CC and one with more CC. They have basically the same floor plan with some minor differences were I have adjusted the More-CC-version to place some of the CC. You may notice that the front of the castle is not symmetrical. Usually that would have disturbed me but it was built like that to make place for the stable and few old castles I have seen have actually been completely symmetrical as they often expanded over time. There are no fire or burglar alarms.

For the More-CC-version I recommend to download Sunni's invisible fireplace together with the burn forever hack for Sunni’s hearths (in the study and in the kitchen). The pictures are taken with these installed but they are not included because you need to let a sim light the fire before you put the hearth back in place.
Lot type: residential
Built and packed in an any-game without any sims or hacks installed. A clone has been play-tested in another any-game
Hacks used for building; moveobjects on and boolprop snapobjectstogrid false
In game cost: minimal CC – 206 458, more CC – 203 228
Size; 40 x 50
Expansions needed; It was built with all expansions up to AL installed, no stuff packs
Overview pictures are taken from the Minimal-CC-version

In game pictures are taken from the More-CC version

The Great Hall

The kitchen




Minimal CC

More CC

Download castle with more CC

Download castle with minimal CC

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