Some characters from chapter 49

I made these five sims for supporting roles in chapter 49. They were gifts for my daughters who are huge fans of their real life models. You might (or might not) recognise them although I have disguised them in medieval/fantasy clothes and changed their names.

Njal the bard
CC-list for Njal
one direction sims2
CC-list for Harald


CC-list for Loki

Download Loki

Zayn Malik sims
CC-list for Saxe

Download Saxe

One direction sims
CC-list for Linus

Self sim

This is my self sim as close as I can accomplish. My own hair style is not very medieval so I took the liberty to choose one I like better but close to my own hair color. I wish it was that simple to choose hair style in real life  :) .

 In my game her aspiration is family with knowledge as second aspiration.

The left eye will be your own default brown. If you want your sims of other ages to have different colored eyes (Heterochromia iridum) you need GeneralZoi's Cyborg eye mesh and if you want mismatched eyes with another color than brown for the left eye you need HystericalParoxysm's recolors matched mismatched eyes accesorire

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  1. What expansion pack do you need to download these sims??