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This blog focus around my Sims 2 story about Roe of the Forest People. It is a fantasy story in a medieval like world.

You can also find some medieval themed/fantasy CC that I have made.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here!



25 March 2017

Aliendre's New Dress

Aliendre's elven gown for adults (young adults to elders) can be found under clothing.


9 March 2017

Chapter 55. Aftermath


19 February 2017

Merchant House 

More details and download under "lots"

15 February 2017

Chapter 54. We Meet Again


12 February 2017

Queen Margareta's Golden Gown

The golden gown for adults and teens can be found under clothing.


7 February 2017

Tola dress for Viking ladies with the classic pinup body shape

The outfits can be found under clothing

6 February 2017

Chapter 53 in finally up 

(and I believe it or not but I have finally started to write chapter 54) 


10 April 2016

Fiona's Dress 

It's been a long time since the last update but, now finally I have a new post (there is actually also one more chapter of the story about Roe on Modthesims that I forgot to put here)

Fiona's dress for teens-adults can be found under Clothing


28 September 2014 

Idun's Viking Alphadress

Under Viking theme and Clothing

3 August 2014 

Runestones in Gripsholm


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